THATCamp Caribe T-Shirt Contest

Announcing the THATCampCaribe T-Shirt design contest. We decided at our first planning meeting that we had to have the best T-Shirt of any THATCamp in history. So the contest is on! Design a T-shirt for THATCampCaribe and win great accolades! Your name published on the blog! A design credit on the shirt itself!

How to submit: send a JPG (or other easy-to-open) design suggestion to THATCampCaribe AT

Submit your designs by April 1!! Repost, and tweet widely!

Here’s my machine-translated Dutch call for shirts:
Ontwerp een t-shirt voor THATCampCaribe! e-mail uw ontwerpen tot THATCampCaribe @
Dien uw ontwerpen 1 april!

I did this one myself:
¡Diseña una camiseta para THATCampCaribe! Email con sus diseños a THATCampCaribe @
¡Envíe sus diseños antes que el 1 de abril!

And the nice folks at google translate helped me with this one too:
Concevoir un t-shirt pour THATCampCaribe! envoyer vos créations à THATCampCaribe @
Proposez vos créations par Avril 1!

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When and Where

We are happy to announce that THATCamp Caribe 2012 will be hosted by the University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez Campus. The event will take place November 12-14. The first day, Monday, will be the traditional Bootcamp (i.e., workshops). The actual unconference will take place Tuesday and Wednesday. We chose those dates to make it easier for those who are also participating in the American Studies Association 2012 conference, which is taking place in San Juan from the 15th to the 18th. We will arrange buses for participants of both conferences to travel from San Juan to Mayagüez and back. We are also brainstorming with the ASA ways we can cooperate to encourage and facilitate dual-participation.

In the meantime, mark your calendars. Registration for THATCamp will open on April the 17th!

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Want to help out?

Right now we are in the very early stages of planning for THATCamp Caribe 2012. We need organisers to help us court sponsors, coordinate the venue, advertise and maintain the web site. If you are interested in giving a hand, please fill out our form or hack our planning document to help us figure out the when, where and what. You can also contact Alex Gil at colibri {dot} alex {at} gmail {dot} com, or on twitter and skype: @elotroalex.

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Welcome to the main site for THATCamp Caribe 2012. Our goal is to bring together digital humanists from in and outside the Caribbean together with Caribbean scholars, librarians, artists, technologists and tinkerers to imagine the future of digital humanities in the larger Caribbean region. The venue and the date for the event are still undecided. Most likely, the event will take place in November of 2012. Possible locales include Santo Domingo, Trinidad & Tobago or Curaçao. Please visit this website for updates or subscribe to our RSS feed.

A THATCamp is an unconference. There are no papers, no pre-conceived panels, no keynote speaker. To read more about the THATCamp model, visit our FAQ page. You can also read more about other THATCamps at If you would like to help organize or contribute to THATCampCaribe please contact >Alex Gil.

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