THATCamp Caribe T-Shirt Contest

Announcing the THATCampCaribe T-Shirt design contest. We decided at our first planning meeting that we had to have the best T-Shirt of any THATCamp in history. So the contest is on! Design a T-shirt for THATCampCaribe and win great accolades! Your name published on the blog! A design credit on the shirt itself!

How to submit: send a JPG (or other easy-to-open) design suggestion to THATCampCaribe AT

Submit your designs by April 1!! Repost, and tweet widely!

Here’s my machine-translated Dutch call for shirts:
Ontwerp een t-shirt voor THATCampCaribe! e-mail uw ontwerpen tot THATCampCaribe @
Dien uw ontwerpen 1 april!

I did this one myself:
¡Diseña una camiseta para THATCampCaribe! Email con sus diseños a THATCampCaribe @
¡Envíe sus diseños antes que el 1 de abril!

And the nice folks at google translate helped me with this one too:
Concevoir un t-shirt pour THATCampCaribe! envoyer vos créations à THATCampCaribe @
Proposez vos créations par Avril 1!

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