University of Puerto Rico: Mayagüez Campus

The UPRM will host THATCamp Caribe 2012 in its campus, providing physical and IT infrastructure in addition to logistical support.

In order to facilitate travel between UPRM and THATCamp, we are arranging buses to transport guests from San Juan to Mayagüez and back. If you require help with transportation, please fill in the following form before November 7, 2012.

For more information or logistical questions, please contact our liaison, Leonardo Flores, or Prof. Félix Zapata Santaliz, Associate Dean of Assessment and Educational Technologies.



American Studies Association

We are pleased to announce a partnership between the American Studies Association (ASA) and THATCamp Caribe. The ASA Annual Meeting in San Juan, running November 15-18, will immediately follow the THATCamp in Mayagüez. The theme of the the Annual Meeting, “Dimensions of Empire and Resistance: Past, Present, and Future,” promises to bring many exciting speakers to Puerto Rico on the same week as THATCamp.
In order to facilitate travel between ASA and THATCamp, we are arranging buses to transport guests from San Juan to Mayagüez. Equally, THATCamp participants who are interested in attending the ASA Annual Meeting can register here.

A free one day pass will be provided to scholars who present in the lighting round organized by the Digital Humanities Caucus of the ASA. For more information, please contact our liaison, Lauren Tilton.

Caribbean Studies Association

The Caribbean Studies Association (CSA) is an independent professional organization devoted to the promotion of Caribbean studies from a multidisciplinary, multicultural point of view. It is the primary association for scholars and practitioners working on the Caribbean Region (including Central America and the Caribbean Coast of South America). Its members come from the Caribbean Region, North America, South America, Central America, Europe and elsewhere even though more than half of its members live in the United States many of them teaching at U.S. universities and colleges. Founded in 1974 by 300 Caribbeanists, the CSA now h as over 1100 members.

Members of the CSA are especially welcome to THATCampCaribe 2012. If you are a CSA member, let us know when you register. We have a number of reserved spots for you.

Digital Library of the Caribbean

THATCamp is proud to partner with dLOC. The Digital Library of the Caribbean is a cooperative digital library for resources from and about the Caribbean and circum-Caribbean. dLOC provides access to digitized versions of Caribbean cultural, historical and research materials currently held in archives, libraries, and private collections. dLOC is recognized today as the largest open access archive of Caribbean online resources and a leader in Caribbean digital preservation.

As part of our partnership, dLOC will lead a workshop on the resource for interested participants. Librarians and scholars are encouraged to assist. For more information contact our liaison, Laurie Taylor.

Proyecto Afrolatin@

El propósito del Proyecto Afrolatin@ es el uso de herramientas digitales para promover conocimiento e investigación, garantizar la preservación de las historias y culturas y construir el apoyo a las luchas de los pueblos Afrodescendientes en las Américas.Queremos servir como un centro de recursos digitales y archivo para la documentación material e histórica; la preservación de las culturas, historias y experiencias de los afrodescendientes en las Américas; y facilitar colaboraciones y programas que avanzen estudios Afrolatin@s y actividades populares.

The purpose of the Afrolatin@ Project is to encourage use of technological tools to promote awareness and research, ensure the preservation of the histories and cultures and build support for the struggles of Afrodescendant people in the Americas. We hope to serve as a digital resource center and archive for the historical and material documentation and preservation of the cultures, histories and experiences of Afrodescendant people in the Americas and to facilitate collaborations and programs that advance Afrolatin@ Studies and grass root activities.

INKE: Implementing New Knowledge Environments

The INKE group is comprised of researchers and stakeholders at the forefront of computing in the humanities, text analysis, information studies, usability and interface design. The network is led by Canadian scholars, but includes members from the USA and the UK. The group gathers experts at the intersection between parts of the human record and the world of the computer. INKE’s work is divided into four key research groupings: textual studies, user experience, interface design, and information management.

INKE is currently organizing a conference in Havana in December on the future of the book on the digital age. We are also happy to announce they were the first official contributors to our travel funds bank. Participants in THATCamp interested in learning more about the Havana conference, should send a line to Ray Siemens.

Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media

Since 1994 under the founding direction of Roy Rosenzweig, the Center for History and New Media (CHNM) at George Mason University has used digital media and computer technology to democratize history—to incorporate multiple voices, reach diverse audiences, and encourage popular participation in presenting and preserving the past.

CHNM uses digital media and technology to preserve and present history online, transform scholarship across the humanities, and advance historical education and understanding. Each year CHNM’s many project websites receive over 20 million visitors, and over a million people rely on its digital tools to teach, learn, and conduct research.

THATCamp was born at CHNM, and they continue to host what is called THATCamp Prime.


Microsoft ResearchMicrosoft Research has been a generous donor since 2009 in support of THATCamp Pacific Northwest. THATCamp Pacific Northwest was one of the earlier THATCamps, and it continues to be held every year, usually at the University of Washington in Seattle. Beginning in 2011, MS Research has provided more than $10,000 in support: $1,000 for THATCamp CHNM 2012, $500 apiece for many other THATCamps, and the very welcome in-kind donation of a great many lanyards. MS Research has supported the work of Internet ethnographer and privacy scholar danah boyd, has produced such useful open source tools for the humanities as ChronoZoom, and has organized an annual Faculty Summit for the express purpose of bringing academic researchers and educators together with Microsoft’s computer scientists and engineers. We’re proud to be associated with them. Special thanks are due to Donald Brinkman, program manager for the Digital Humanities at MS Research, whose vision made this happen.