Yuiza Martinez

  • Graduate student
  • Universidad de Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras
  • Website: yuiza.com

I have a bachelors degree in Environmental Design from the University of Puerto Rico and am currently working on my masters in philosophy in the same university. I work in the university, also as a freelance graphic designer and painter.

As a graphic designer studing philosophy, it helps me to visualize ideas and the relationships philosophers construct in their theories. This is fun for me, so while i read, i draw diagrams that let me grasp the main concepts so i can keep on reading with them clearly in mind.

I read a book during the summer "I read where i am:exploring new information cultures" It's about the future of reading, how technology has changed everything, what we read, how we read and where. I find this very interesting since reading is one of my main activities as a philosophy student. Is the discipline willing to change according to the new paradigm? or is it going to maintain the position that there is only one correct way to learn (and do) philosophy? Certainly with these new tools a philosophical investigation will find new paths and conclusions (if any), and I find that very exciting.