Matthew Russell

  • Academic Technologist/Lecturer
  • Mount Mary College, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
  • Twitter: @russellmaro

I work as an Academic Technologist and lecturer at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, but I would be coming to thatCAMP Austin in order to also wear my hat as a senior lecture and de facto digital humanist at Mount Mary College in Milwaukee, where I teach graduate courses in English and Professional Writing on technology and the humanities. I have been involved in digital humanities in one way or another since working and studying at UT-Austin and the Computer Writing and Research Lab ( as a developer and Assistant Director. I received two NEH Start-Up grants for work on a collaborative commenting tool for classroom use in the CWRL.

While I could talk about both Carr and Žižek, I think that I would rather theorize how Paul Virilio's 'information bombs' would be much more useful for taking out the Galaga bosses with those dastardly tractor beams.