Nijah Cunningham

  • Editorial Assistant/ Graduate Student
  • Small Axe/Columbia University
  • Twitter: @blackpanorama

Currently a doctoral candidate in the English and Comparative Literature department at Columbia University, I am working on a dissertation that reassess the cultural and political discourses on black art during the decolonizing moment. I also serve as the editorial assistant for Small Axe. In both of these roles I am trying to recalibrate my own understanding of intellectual practice and figure out how to reanimate it in ways that kind of point away from Žižek only to come back to him with questions about the kind of theories and practices that emerge at 'the frontiers of survival' and what those things have to say about black life. Those questions would assume that I have read up enough on the subject of fantasy or even Lacan, but right now I am riding on the dream that my questions may go unquestioned for just enough time for me not to have to admit that I have never heard of Galaga.

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