Digital Literacies for Students?

First, I have to say I like Marta’s proposed session and plan to be there for that. I’m wondering if, along with learning new tools for our own research, we could also do a session on basic digital literacies in the classroom. What are the things our students need to know/know about in order to function in the 21st century workplace (or just as a 21st century human)? How can we integrate such skills into our courses without sacrificing (too much) content coverage?

I’m looking at ways to revamp the curriculum in my American Studies program at Okstate, but I’m sure I’m not the only one thinking of how to turn students on to these things. My students are often non-traditional and not at all tech-ready, so that makes this an even more challenging prospect. So, what are the basic literacy skills we ought to be passing on, and how best can we do that? What open source options exist for doing things like making/editing video or sharing audio or screencasts? What are best practices for teaching students how to navigate and evaluate online data, etc.? I genuinely don’t know so if anyone does, please enlighten me.

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I work on TV and media and just completed a book on Post-9/11 Television for U of Kansas Press (buy it!). I've used wikis and blogs in classes, but am looking for more dynamic sorts of digital humanities skills and projects to incorporate in my classes. I prefer Centipede to Galaga and think Nicholas Carr is shallow.