Easy Technologies for the Language Classroom

Implementing technology in the classroom can be an exciting and daunting prospect at the same time.  Still, with a little ingenuity and without too much complication, technology can help motivate and engage learners and allow for instruction that reaches beyond the boundaries of the classroom. As an ESL teacher and instructional designer, I’d like to have a general discussion on this subject, especially considering the “peculiar” role of English in Puerto Rican education and society. I would like to share suggestions for using free or inexpensive and widely-used technologies in the second or foreign language classroom, including academic writing and professional communications; but I would also like others to bring their ideas and experiences as well. It would also be interesting to discuss whatever insights or concerns participants may have regarding the role of technology in language, media, and/or literacy education as well as how these benefit from or otherwise relate to the Digital Humanities agenda.


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